Shelter in the Palace

A long-form cinematic diary of a twelve-year-old girl navigating 7th grade, enduring homelessness and participating in the take-over of a home with the *Moms4Housing movement. *A group of homeless, working moms and kids who have taken over an abandoned home and with it, captured the imagination and conversation around the California housing crisis and the civil

The Far Field

Coming to a screen near you in 2020

Extraordinary Care

PRESENT TIME: journal of a country monastery

A poetic-historical film of the Huntsville, Utah monastery, representing 15 years and told over five seasons. Woven into these seasons is an intimate, observed chronicle of the everyday lives of monks.  

Casablanca Mon Amour

San Francisco Film Society
World Premiere, Dubai International Film Festival
European Premiere, Middle East Film Now, Florence, Italy
North American Premiere, Montreal World Film Festival
BBC Broadcast

The Spacewalk

24p DigitalVideo, color, 81min, Jona Newhall

DiabetesMine Desgin Contest / How To 2012

HD, 2012  

Feltch Sanders

16mm, color, 12min, Abe Sylvia Feltch is a satire set in the land of bad 1970’s television. It won the Planet Out Short Movie Award for comedy, and has been acquired for broadcast by Here TV.

DiabetesMine Design Challenge 2011

HD, 2011


16mm, color, 19min, Alexandra Fisher, 2006, *Emmy Award, American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Budapest Diaries

6min / Super 8mm/ b/w 2007

We Are Obama

Twelve34 Films, 24p DigitalVideo, 26sec, 2008

Temptation About To Get Me

feature length documentary, color &  b/w, in production


16mm, color, 15min, How *Best Photography Baja California Film Festival *27th Intl. Cinematographers Film Festival Manaki Brothers

Ground level

6min, DVcam, color, 2012

DiabetesMine Desgin Contest 2012


HD/ Anti-Payday Lending Video/ Silicon Valley Community Foundation

James Diggs of The Knight Brothers

Long Pig

Follow Me Down

HD/ color/103min/Portraits of Louisiana Prison Musicians

Marking Time

DigitalVideo, color, 30min, Ben Harbert


24p DigitalVideo, 14min, B. Sample


16mm, color, 18min, VanDeusen